Kusina ni Tess


Kusina ni Tess has been serving great authentic Filipino cuisine since 2005, where we do not just offer you good food but a great company as well. Our restaurant gives the warm welcome as to how we do in our home country. We serve tasty and mouthwatering Filipino dishes and treat you as part of our family. We offer all authentic dishes including deserts, we have Adobo, Dinuguan, Halo-halo, Ube halaya and much more for you to experience the Philippines at its tastiest.

Kusina ni Tess was under the EDSA Enterprises until August 1, 2017 where full ownership was granted us. The Restaurant is now under our very own name of HAPAGIBIG INC., the name came from HAPAG meaning a table where family dines and PAGIBIG which means love. We shared the love to each and every person who enters our restaurant and make sure that love will stay with them as they leave.

We always keep in mind that as we go on with what we do in life, always give your best and do it with a Good Heart.